Todd Katz, Kitchen Manager
Todd Katz was born and raised in Philadelphia. From a young age, Todd has worked in several hospitality-infused establishments, which aided in forming his culinary style. Popular locations such as: Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel, Four Seasons, and Roxxi Dining Group. In 1994 Todd moved to San Francisco where he continued working in the industry for five years, launching his own catering company, ‘Culinary Exploits’. Todd eventually moved to Florida in 1999. Here he has worked at more renowned fine-dining establishments such as: ‘Café L’ Europe’, ‘Devitos’, ‘Polo Club’, and last but not least, ‘RACKS’. Since joining the GR Restaurant Management Group, where his chef and leadership skills have been an integral part of the success of the restaurant, Todd has ultimately been promoted to the position of Executive Chef of RACKS in Delray Beach. Todd has a true passion for the industry, this is evident in his work.